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Classic car rental and Limousine service

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Taxi & Coaches





Any destination you'd like to reach (in Italiy or abroad)  our drivers are always at your disposal at any time, to accompany you at your meeting or event. 

We have comfortable taxi or shuttle mini buses with 4 or 8 seats for quick transfers.


We propose our "basic" solutions, to keep our price lower for those on a budget, you will always find our best courtesy and professionalism, this is foremost in the way we conduct our business.

To whom, instead, prefer a touch of class and extra comfort we propose our "first class"  solutions on newer and luxury veichles, to enjoy every moment and relax in luxury and quality, even during the long time of a transfer on the road.






Thanks to the wide range of available veichles, Just Limo propose its services to individuals, for any occasion and need, and also to small and medium companies who, instead of invest time and resources to buy, manage and mantain their own veichles, require a more versatile solution.


Just Limo offer at your disposal a shuttle service on demand for your company transfer needs, to accompany you or your employees on a workplace or to an important meeting, or to welcome your customers at the airport and bring them directly to your office.

With the proper agreements, it's possible to arrange an ongoing service based on your specific needs.


Minivan & coaches - Justlimo
Minivan & coaches - Justlimo

Standard Taxi 3-4 px

Classic sedans with 3-4 seats for quick movings, every day accompany or airport transfer for small groups/families.

Boot designed to carry 3 x luggage maximum.


Different class of veichles are available, from a Fiat Panda to a Mercedes Classe E  or Lancia Thema, depending on your needs and guests preference.

Minivan & coaches - Justlimo
Minivan & coaches - Justlimo

Minibus  6 px

A little bigger veichle than a standard taxi, for transfer up to 6 people. It's a recommended choice for small groups.

Boot designed to carryt 3-4 pieces of luggage.


Different class of veichles are available: Dacia Logis, Mercedes Classe R

Minivan & coaches - Justlimo
Minivan & coaches - Justlimo

Minibus 8 px

The most versatile choice, up to 8 people.

Boot designed to carry luggages from all the passengers.


Different class of veichles are available, including: Renault trafic, Ford transit, Mercedes Class V 

Minivan & coaches - Justlimo

Coaches 20-75 px


For bigger goups from 17 people, our fleet includes coaches with different capacities starting from 20 seats, up to 75 seats on two floors.

The luggage load compartment of each model designed to carry luggages from all the passengers.


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